Surviving The Jump


Surviving the jump of a lifetime! Have you seen this video? Powerful! Thank you Kevin for your willingness and courage to create. He jumped; he survived the suicide attempt.

May we all realize people who attempt a suicide do not want to die. Depression, other mental illnesses, and addictions can be very powerful in the mind. The person suffering is not able to think clearly, rationally. Suicide is recognized as treatable.

Let us make an effort to come alongside those suffering, share a smile or a wave, and take time to see how your friends or family are really doing.

If you or someone you encounter is in need of help, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).


Texting to Save Lives

As changes happen socially, it is encouraging to see new resources trying to make a difference to save lives. Click here to check out information regarding possibly one of the first connections a depressed, suicidal, lonely, or person in trouble may try to reach out for help.

Crisis Text Line (CTL) — 7417441

Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line

Other Crisis Hotlinelifelinewebbutton_200x200

Hey Guys! Are You Feeling It?

Sadness or Depression?

Sadness or Depression?

Are you a “middle-aged” guy feeling alone? Are all the pressures of job, family, finances and plain life building up inside you? Or maybe it is a job or family loss that has you angry, frustrated and drained. Is this all there really is to life? Or maybe you notice a friend not himself lately.


Teens, with school kicking back into gear, it can create all types of thoughts, emotions and physical exhaustion. Most teenagers do not eat healthy or get the required amount of sleep, so feeling tired is normal -right? Do you feel down because you realize summer is over? Maybe you relax better outside in nature rather than stuck in a classroom? Do you think you not “normal” and won’t fit in? Are you tired of being bullied?

Young men, are you nervous about starting college? Do you feel you are not going to be good enough to please everyone, especially yourself?  How will you keep up with classes, homework, activities, and of course, the girlfriend?


How would you know if you, or a friend, is sad and not depressed?

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