You Matter! Part Two; What You Don’t Know

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It is important we share the powerful video below. What you don’t know or don’t want to accept can be deadly. Parents: what is more important – your image, status, etc., …or your loved one?

I know I was very naïve about drugs when my children were teens, as I am sure most of their friends’ parent’s were too. Unfortunately, parents and grandparents don’t have the luxury today of being unaware or uninformed. Parenting is a tough job! Thankfully, there are many resources available through the internet and organizations nearby to help.

Prescription medications are extremely accessible and extremely dangerous! People do not plan on becoming addicted to medication or any other drug for that matter. It can happen very quickly …and it will ruin your life and probably kill you, unless you get help!

If you are already struggling with searching, stealing, chewing, snorting, shooting up, lying …doing whatever possible, doing things you told yourself you would never do, to obtain your particular substance, hear us …there is help available!

You may not feel like you matter. You may feel like you have let others down, you have failed too many times. But hear us …YOU MATTER! GET HELP!

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YOU MATTER! Finding Help and Hope When It Matters

What are your struggles? Your addictions? Your idols? You don’t think you have any? Think again. We ALL do! Do you feel like you matter in this crazy, messed up world?

Are you wanting “that” haircut, cute shape, muscles, car, house, or vacation? Are you working extra hours that you should be spending with your family to “prove” yourself to your boss/employer.

Are you depressed feeling like you are not living up to ______ expectations? It could be your parents, your employer, your teachers, your kids, your friends, your neighbors…? Or maybe it is yourself!?

What helps you deal with the emotional pain? Is food the love that “fixes” all, at least temporarily? Or is it shopping, a bottle, a pill, or a needle?

Maybe you are in the middle of an addiction. Maybe you are living in denial that you have one. Do you want out? Honestly, maybe you don’t.

When was the last time you knew:

  • You were loved?
  • You mattered?
  • Someone cared?
  • You could make a difference?
  • It is all worth it?
  • That there is help!

Have you lost YOUR direction

Are you trying to be someone you are not or were not created to be? Do you find yourself running in circles trying to please everyone? Everyone around you that is, except you, or God.

Where do you turn when feeling down, sad, irritated/frustrated, angry, …”less than”?

Whatever the case may be, there is help!



We all have a great desires deep inside of us. We need love. We need to know someone cares and that we matter. We all want to make  a difference.  To be remembered for the good we did, the love we provided, the help we gave. You may not see it. You may not feel it. But it is there!


We will share stories, articles, videos, whatever we can so you can find help, healing and HOPE. Please Join Us!



Surviving The Jump


Surviving the jump of a lifetime! Have you seen this video? Powerful! Thank you Kevin for your willingness and courage to create. He jumped; he survived the suicide attempt.

May we all realize people who attempt a suicide do not want to die. Depression, other mental illnesses, and addictions can be very powerful in the mind. The person suffering is not able to think clearly, rationally. Suicide is recognized as treatable.

Let us make an effort to come alongside those suffering, share a smile or a wave, and take time to see how your friends or family are really doing.

If you or someone you encounter is in need of help, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).


Texting to Save Lives

As changes happen socially, it is encouraging to see new resources trying to make a difference to save lives. Click here to check out information regarding possibly one of the first connections a depressed, suicidal, lonely, or person in trouble may try to reach out for help.

Crisis Text Line (CTL) — 7417441

Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line

Other Crisis Hotlinelifelinewebbutton_200x200

Kennedy Speaks Out

At Hope for THIS Step we recognize how difficult it can be to speak out about substance abuse, self-medicating, suicidal thoughts, depression, etc. The deafening silence because of the stigma has been around for centuries. The tide is starting to change. Do you see it? We all need to not be ashamed to reach out for help, which involves talking about it. Everyone needs help when the ferocious waves batter us.

I have not read this book and we are not getting into any politics here. However, it is good to see and hear someone who has been in society’s eye speak up. Yes, things were handled differently in generations past. Can anyone say that has worked well?


International Overdose Awareness Day

OD banner 8.31.15TODAY is International Overdose Awareness Day (Aug. 31, 2015).
Join with us as we remember those who have suffered and lost their battle to overcome their addiction.
* Help to reduce the STIGMA and MISINFORMATION surrounding opiate (and other prescription drug) addiction and overdose.
* Most opiate (including heroin) addictions start from prescription pain killer usage.
Check out this site for some OVERDOSE BASICS
Click here to download an Overdose Awareness App from Apple.

Become informed. Help your loved ones. SAVE a LIFE.


Hey Guys! Are You Feeling It?

Sadness or Depression?

Sadness or Depression?

Are you a “middle-aged” guy feeling alone? Are all the pressures of job, family, finances and plain life building up inside you? Or maybe it is a job or family loss that has you angry, frustrated and drained. Is this all there really is to life? Or maybe you notice a friend not himself lately.


Teens, with school kicking back into gear, it can create all types of thoughts, emotions and physical exhaustion. Most teenagers do not eat healthy or get the required amount of sleep, so feeling tired is normal -right? Do you feel down because you realize summer is over? Maybe you relax better outside in nature rather than stuck in a classroom? Do you think you not “normal” and won’t fit in? Are you tired of being bullied?

Young men, are you nervous about starting college? Do you feel you are not going to be good enough to please everyone, especially yourself?  How will you keep up with classes, homework, activities, and of course, the girlfriend?


How would you know if you, or a friend, is sad and not depressed?

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A Silent Epidemic

Silent-Epidemic-700x366-700x366What is your initial thought, or the first word, that pops in your head when you hear OVERDOSE? Or DRUG ADDICT?  It is probably similar to what mine were not many years ago. It is probably like many -many who are uninformed.

Hope for This Step, Inc. is striving to help bring awareness to addictions and unintentional overdoses, as well as suicides. The following article is one person’s experience with prescription medication that went wrong. I realize not all addictions start this way. I realize you may think it will never happen to you. However, in reality it could. In reality, it could happen to a loved one. In reality, it may already be happening.

Unfortunately, drug abuse, like suicide or other addictions, is a subject most don’t want to talk about until there is a problem. A problem that could easily, and quickly, result in death if not treated.

There are thousands of people this has happened to across our nation. In the State of Ohio alone, statistically nearly 6 PER DAY DIE from unintentional overdose.

Please take a moment to read this article. Maybe the next time those words hit your ears you will have a softer, more compassionate thought. Maybe not, but at least you will be a bit more informed. And maybe, just maybe, you will desire to learn more. It could save a life.
Silent epidemic taking lives

Healing in the Unknown – how one suicide survivor received help

Bandaged Heart

Bandaged Heart

This is a story wrote by a dear friend of a local survivor of suicide a couple years ago. Although they didn’t know each other at the time of the death, a beautiful friendship has developed because one person was willing and able to go the extra mile and open her eyes, mind and heart to a stranger. They continue to encourage each other and find hope and healing through the challenges of life. Who can you reach out to today?

(This is shared by request of author and is one perspective of how healing can take place.)