A Silent Epidemic

Silent-Epidemic-700x366-700x366What is your initial thought, or the first word, that pops in your head when you hear OVERDOSE? Or DRUG ADDICT?  It is probably similar to what mine were not many years ago. It is probably like many -many who are uninformed.

Hope for This Step, Inc. is striving to help bring awareness to addictions and unintentional overdoses, as well as suicides. The following article is one person’s experience with prescription medication that went wrong. I realize not all addictions start this way. I realize you may think it will never happen to you. However, in reality it could. In reality, it could happen to a loved one. In reality, it may already be happening.

Unfortunately, drug abuse, like suicide or other addictions, is a subject most don’t want to talk about until there is a problem. A problem that could easily, and quickly, result in death if not treated.

There are thousands of people this has happened to across our nation. In the State of Ohio alone, statistically nearly 6 PER DAY DIE from unintentional overdose.

Please take a moment to read this article. Maybe the next time those words hit your ears you will have a softer, more compassionate thought. Maybe not, but at least you will be a bit more informed. And maybe, just maybe, you will desire to learn more. It could save a life.

Silent epidemic taking lives